Thursday, June 19, 2008

Clear skies

In Los Angeles, every once in awhile comes a crystal clear, see-for-miles-on-end kind of day. We had such a day on Memorial Day weekend, when our friends Joy and Ryan were in town for a visit and decided to do a short hike up on Mulholland Drive, just west of the 405. The storms and cool weather had cleared out and polished the view on all sides - rain clouds to the north made for a dramatic view of the San Fernando Valley and her mountains, downtown Los Angeles stood tall and bright to the east, and to the south we could see the glittering ocean, the beaches, and even Catalina Island. It was a spectacular day. A treasure of an LA day.

It was a lovely weekend with Joy and Ryan. They really wanted to go to the beach during their visit, but it was just too cold and Ryan doesn't like to be cold (I don't either). Ryan also doesn't like to go for walks, but we had promised him special treats if he came with. I don't think we followed through on the special treats, and I don't know we'll be able to coax him along again, but at least it was a beautiful day.

(that's Joy and Ryan running down a hill)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pregnancy: Week 25

Six months?! I'm already six months pregnant, which means that I'm about 60% through my pregnancy. Well, this is certainly going along remarkably fast.

Aaron and I have been working like mad to sort, toss, organize and create space in our apartment for a baby and baby stuff. I cleaned our files (why did we have that file with the one piece of paper in it that meant nothing?) and organized our photos (wow - I've just never had good hair), while Aaron hung drawers and shelves in our closet (which may or may not have involved some sawing of wood) and sorted through camera and film gear. We are soon to get rid of our TV! Which means we'll have some room in the living room for the computer. And sometime this summer, I will relinquish my wonderful desk that Aaron made me to his parents, on long-term loan. I'm having trouble parting with this last one, as it represents my space, physically and emotionally. I'm not sure all the ways that this baby will change us, change our lives, but I'm pretty sure it's going to change things. And part of that means not always having my space - both physically and emotionally. To giving up the project table, even only temporarily, represents this shift. Not necessarily bad, but change nonetheless.

I'm feeling good and enjoying carrying around this little girl inside of me. Aaron seems to be enjoying her too lately, feeling her kick more often, talking to her, and connecting. I hope he sees some promise in all of her kicking for a future life in soccer.

Any ideas for names?

Friday, June 13, 2008

Pregnancy: Week 24


I scratched my eye today. Don't even ask me how because I can't believe I didn't BLINK in time. Okay fine, I was untangling a rope, the end of it (with the plastic tape on it) flipped up and hit me in the eye before I had time to blink. I didn't blink. I thought our reflexes were supposed to be fast enough to prevent these sorts of things?

I went to the eye doctor and it is indeed scratched, right in the center of my eye. Part of it is superficial (nearest the center of my eye) and part of it is quite deep (further out). The deep part will most likely scar, which could create vision problems depending on how the scarring shapes up. I realize that scars can be cool, but a scar on the eye means no one can see it but me. All the time.

So, here's to speedy healing as I sleep and rest. Here's to not much effect from the scarring. And here's hoping for no headaches the next few days.

Update, Sat AM: Apparently, sleep really is a good healer and eyes heal quickly (I should have remembered this from eye surgery). My eye feels MUCH better this morning and my vision seems fine or better, at least. WooHoo!

On a better note - I head to the mountains of southern Oregon tomorrow morning for a week-long contemplative retreat. I'm so excited. There aren't even words to tell you how excited. I often joke that this is where my soul lives - in the Northwest - and I'm only partly joking when I say that.

Fresh mountain pine air - here I come.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Pretty Girl

After a long hard day of swimming in the pool and playing with other dogs, Zoe got a bath, thanks to our friends at doggie day care.  This is no small feat, as our 105 pound bred-for-water-rescue galoot doesn't like to get her pretty little feet wet.  Since it's such a big job, we revel in the loveliness that is our clean dog - soft, shiny, fluffy, and smelling so very wonderful. When I walked in to pick Zoe up from her day of hard work, the girls at day care squealed when they saw me and said "She has bows in her hair!"  Indeed, she has bows and she is very very cute.  Perhaps even cuter than when she wears her pink bathrobe.