Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Visit from Zoe

Since Haven's arrival, our wonderful dog Zoe has been staying at Grandma and Grandpa Schuh's house, hanging out with her cousin Jake (their family dog). She seems to do well there and has a nice little routine that looks something like this: sleep in past Jake's morning walk, breakfast, Tour of the Yard for the morning, napping, inside for the afternoon, more napping, dinner, a walk, and more napping. I think she especially likes the Tour of the Yard portion of her day, where she meanders around the yard, doing who knows what, occasionally snagging the World's Best Pinecone to munch on (though Jake usually takes the WBP from her and munches on it while she searches for the Next Best Pinecone - they certainly get their fiber).

But, we miss our dog. We aren't able to handle all of the walks and maintenance and care right now, with Haven still in the hospital and ourselves just barely keeping up, but we so miss our big cuddly, hairy, slobbery dog. So today, Aaron's sister brought Zoe to our apartment for a day visit and it's been a great day. Yes, she's spent most of her day sleeping and napping in her favorite spots, enjoying the fact that Jake is not a mere two inches away from her at all times, but sleepy dog or not, it's been so nice to have our fuzzy friend in the apartment again. We'll be excited for the day when all four of us can be a family.

Today has been a pretty good day. Aaron and his sister went to visit Haven this morning, while I stayed home to rest a bit more and to get a few things done around the house (like paying bills). Aaron and KT came home with a great report on Haven, saying she was doing well with her feedings and that she'd gained weight and was up to her original birth weight. Yesterday they put her on the light therapy again but today took her off of it because her numbers were back down again. Aaron got to feed Haven and she took all of it and burped well for him and then was awake and alert after the feeding, which is some of our favorite time, when she's looking around and "exploring" as much as one does at that age. It also sounds like they are hoping to wean her off the IV in the next couple of days, if her feedings continue to go well.

A good report and a good time with Haven today. I also got out for a walk with the dog this afternoon - I haven't really been outside much since Haven was born - and I was able to make a few phone calls this afternoon and take a nap. Tonight Aaron and a friend of ours are going to visit Haven together so that I can go to book club - I think being able to be hang out with some friends this evening will be helpful.

So that's the scoop for today. I'll have some pictures to post soon.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Our unexpected journey

My schedule these days consists of pumping, sleeping, eating, and visiting the hospital, not necessarily in that order. More pumping, less sleeping, and two trips to the hospital a day. Eating is usually done on the fly, as I'm either trying to get out the door to the hospital or trying to get myself to bed for a much needed nap. We are definitely on a journey we by no means could have predicted or imagined a couple of weeks ago.

I'm not sure where to start in updating you or sharing what's going on, but I'll start with this...the highlight of my day, in all of the ups and downs, the triumphs and disappointments, the highlight is definitely any time spent with Haven. We are now able to hold her as much and as long as we'd like when we visit and we take whatever opportunity we can to cradle her in the nook of our arms and watch her sleep (she does a lot of sleeping - apparently growing is hard work). We study her face and stroke her soft little head. We peek at her fingers and rub her toes and marvel at her small little body. I mostly marvel that this small little body was inside of mine until very recently.

But are days are long and short and tiring. I can't really explain the myriad of emotions that I experience throughout the day, but trust me - they run the spectrum. Some days are better than others, some moments better than others, and we are doing what we can to keep our heads above water. Aaron has been a tremendous support and together we are sad and happy and frustrated and joyous.

And Haven, overall she is doing well, and I think overall is making progress. Her eating has slowed down a little over the last day or so and they added a tube this morning to help with that. Watching the nurse guide a tube down my little girl's nose to her belly was NOT a good moment in my day today. But, I think little by little we are getting there. Being in the NICU is the best place for her right now, but it is still tremendously difficult for us to endure...

That's all for now. Off to the hospital for our evening visit.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Baby Schuhtastic

Haven Elizabeth Schuh is here!
Born Tuesday, August 19th at 9:20 pm
4 lbs 13 oz and 18 inches long

Haven is doing well but in the NICU since she decided to make her grand entrance early.  Aaron and I are doing well, overall, but feeling tired and overwhelmed at times.  We want Haven to come home soon.

Your prayers are coveted.  I'll update more soon...