Monday, September 14, 2009

Brilliant idea #493

Haven doesn't love eating her vegetables, at least not as finger foods. Since she will, however, place anything that she finds on the floor into her mouth, Aaron suggested that we start leaving bits of broccoli and cauliflower on the floor.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I am made for a cooler climate

This evening the windows are open, the fans are running on low, the back door is ajar. I can hear the ebb and flow of traffic, regulated by the traffic light down the block just as the waves at the beach crash and retreat at the guidance of the moon.

The air conditioner is off.

There is a cool breeze gently rustling the leaves from time to time. Zoe is snoring at my feet.

And I am revived.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

To buy or to rent: what say you?

I know I know. I've been totally delinquent in writing these days, but here's part of what's on my mind: to buy or to keep on renting. Since Aaron has some work right now, we've been pursuing the whole house-hunting thing and it's been a little discouraging. We qualify for not that much money - well, it's a lot of money but not for LA. What we can afford takes us far away from any of the areas or neighborhoods that we like or enjoy, but it could possibly get us a house. Granted, a house that would require some work and a yard that would look like a) a cement slab surrounded by dead grass or b) dead grass. As far as condos or townhomes, what we can afford gets us a two-bedroom smaller than what we are living in now with no outdoor space and most likely in a large complex and includes HOA dues. And takes us, again, out of areas and neighborhoods we enjoy. And not just enjoy, but also takes us out of neighborhoods and areas where our friends live, which means it takes us further away from friends and I already feel a bit isolated being home now with Haven all day.

Admittedly, it doesn't sound like there are that many pro's to buying, at least not in the brief way I've laid it out here, but I also have the message in my head that buying is a good way to invest money, whereas renting is just throwing it away. But do I want to invest in a place where I don't really want to be and in an abode that we'll most likely outgrow sooner rather than later?

I've also really really really been wanting a third-bedroom and to bring home my project table. I'm feeling a need for a space of my own again, to write letters, do crafty things, etc. And it doesn't seem like buying is going to get me that space...whereas renting might, although it would take us up to a higher rent bracket.

So, good friends, if you could all weigh in and solve this for me, I would much appreciate it. I'm going to go take Zoe and Haven for a walk. Haven is FUSSY as she saw no need for a nap this afternoon. Sheesh.